Documents by Government

Click HERE to download the 7th Malaysia Plan (1996 - 2000)
This is the plan which it was officially proposed that:

"...the corporatisation and privatisation of hospitals as well as medical services will be undertaken during the Plan period. The Government would gradually reduce its role in the provision of health services and increase its regulatory and enforcement functions. A health financial scheme to meet health care costs would be implemented." (Chapter 17, p14, sect 17.34)

Click HERE to download the Country Health Plan (10th Malaysia Plan) 2011 - 2015
Here it calls for the urgent need to re-examine government financing of healthcare. It repeats the policies of the 7th Malaysian Plan:

"The role of the MOH will be more streamlined involving the following:
• Governance and stewardship
Selected public health services

This will be facilitated by a system of financing that...will be a mix of government funding and social health insurance" (page 51, last para onwards)

Report of a consultation with the Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia
By Donald S. Shepard, Ph.D., William Savedoff, Ph.D., Phua Kai Hong, Ph.D.

Translating Government Policy Directions into Valueadded Research for 1Care
This MOH reveals that the 1Care Concept has been adopted long ago and the Technical Working Groups are merely to collect enough "evidence to support the 1Care blueprint development"

And it quotes Najib as saying: Malaysians must be prepared to………. pay more …. health and education…… a scheme ….. quality service. On a review of the health care system, Najib and the Government was considering on a sustainable basis, amid increasing costs and demands. “The question now is whether we can continue with the present situation or have some sort of scheme.” Najib said adding that he would explain more about the health care system review soon.

Click HERE to download a government powerpoint presentation that summarises how 1Care works

Click HERE to for another government powerpoint presentation that summarises how 1Care works

Documents by Rakyat

A Citizens' Health Manifesto For Malaysia
This is a pretty good manifesto written by Citizens Healthcare Initiative, a citizen group concerned about making quality healthcare affordable and available for every rakyat. It has some very good suggestions for the direction of healthcare in Malaysia, but the government has ignored it for years because it is hell-bent on implementing 1Care.

“Few details have been revealed about the re-structuring and financing scenarios under consideration. No less than five consultant reports have been commissioned in the last decade to look into national health planning, healthcare insurance and financing, and household healthcare expenditures, but none has been made available for perusal by the medical profession or by the public. Malaysian citizens, the non-affluent in particular, are understandably anxious about the affordability and future accessibility of healthcare.”

Documents by academics

_Click HERE to download the UTM study on outsourcing and its effect on healthcare
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia conducted a study which identified the primary cause of rising healthcare costs - privatisation policies. Yet, the government wants the rakyat to continue paying and paying more for all these leakages and wastages through 1Care.

Click HERE to download the joint study between UTAR and UM on privatisation's effect on healthcare
"Malaysia has experienced a rapid shift from welfare oriented healthcare practices until the 1980s to privatization thereafter so that the private share of healthcare reached 55.6 per cent in 2007...The paper finishes with calls for increasing government budget for healthcare, and using merit as the basis for promotion in public hospitals, and the strengthening and enforcement of healthcare legislations for all providers."

These recommendations were completely ignored by the government.

Documents by Medical Professionals

Click HERE to download the programme book of the Family Medicine Specialist Association (FMSA) conference held in June 2011.

The first few items on the agenda were briefings about 1Care. This proves that there have been many MOH roadshows and briefings about 1Care, and especially so in 2011 which the rakyat know nothing about.

Click HERE to download the programme book for the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia conference held in September 2011.

Almost the entire agenda was dedicated to briefings about 1Care.

_MMA April 2011 Newsletter
This issue of MMA's Newsletter reveals the demotivating factor 1Care is having on doctors.

"There are already some doctors who have literally given up hope on the future of medical care in this country and are distancing themselves from discussions about 1Care for 1Malaysia. They have already adopted a "come what may" attitude. Anecdotes are coming in of "this so and so GP taking up the Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners", NOT for the purpose of upgrading themselves in preparation for 1C1M, but so that they can just "up and go" to the country down under when the situation warrants it.....So much for the intention to halt brain drain with the implementation of 1C1M."

MMA October 2010 Newsletter
In this issue, the MMA President Dr David Quek, expresses concern over Malaysian healthcare reforms.